About Us

A promising future of tomorrow is deeply rooted in the accomplishments of today. Backed by more than three decades of experience and expertise, Ambika was founded in 1977 to meet the needs of development and improvement of the Hand tool industry. Today Ambika Forgings stands at the pinnacle as the leading integrated unit of its kind with manufacturing and exporting of Hand tools at its core. At Ambika Forgings the most important part at each stage of production is a quality assurance which complies with international standards in addition to customer requirements.

The Comapny has catered to customer needs with the quality & environment assurance as per ISO 14001

The company keeps abreast of the latest technological advancements and innovation. Is includes manufacturing facilities such as drop forging hammers, heat treatment plats, CNC machinery, Vibratory finishing facilities, powder coating plant, testing facilities, hardness, and torque testing chemical testing, etc. The inhouse manufacturing facilities ensure reliability and long operational life of the tools.

the company uses the latest technology to upgrade machines for higher productivity and a high level of customer satisfaction.

The success of any organization depends to a large extent on the human resources employed by them. As a responsible corporate entity, Ambika Forgings recognizes its responsibility to the community development in contributing both to the employees and customers. The company provides an excellent work environment and provides security and process for all its members, rewarded in turn with loyalty, trust and commitment of its personnel. Thus human resources is a treasured element at the company and its policy is to ensure employee welfare and individual growth.

The Environment Policy

Ambika Forgings Limited is committed tp preserving the interests of the society by providing environment- friendly solution for contemporary global requirement in a society responsible manner.

Ambika Forgings Limited product Meet international safety standards and specifications. The company hold the most prestigious recognition, where its manufacturing process has been certified by ISO 14001. They are the sole way in ensuring safe mode of providing environment friendly solution in the hand tools sector.

The organization ensure that standards are maintained and all measures are taken to make the plants a healthy and safe place to work.

The Company is committed for continual improvement of its environment performed by:

  • Reducing the consummation of natural resources.
  • Complying training to its employee & contractors for environment.
  • Providing training to its employee and contractors.
  • Auditing environment management system periodically bji to monitor its effective implementation.